Windows 7 Professional Top of the range SSD Hp mini laptop with a powerful Intel Core i7 processor Weighs just 1.3kgs. I7 Lightweight Ultra portable high performance i7 mini HP 2540P laptop. top of the range Intel core i7 2.13Ghz dual core processor, 4gb ram, High peformance 160gb SSD drive(windows

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  • ULTRA fast i7 processor HP 2540P ultra portable laptop weighs just 1.3KGs with built in DVD-RW drive
  • Comes with Windows 7 professional and built in high gain speed WIFI
  • DUAL core Intel Core i7 high performance 2.13ghz processor with 4gb ram and 160gb SSD ultra fast drive(boots windows in 6 seconds, 40% faster than a conventional hard-drive!)
  • Cost £2500 new, yours for just £449.99 TODAY ONLY with Microsoft OFFICE 2007 Professiona
  • Comes with 1 year warranty (excluding battery, as its classed as a consumable item)

  • HP2540P
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