ULTIMATE GAMING DELL XPS Xtreme 17.1" Widescreen Desktop replacement laptop with Windows 7 Professional 64bit. High performance graphics with its Dedicated TWIN SLI Nvidea GeForce 9800gt 2gb graphics cards supporting Phys X video acceleration. Ideal video editing/photoshop/high end gaming machine. C

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  • Cost £3500 new! Now just £699.99! DELL XPS extreme Performance dual core Full Desktop replacement laptop.
  • High performance TWIN SLI 2 x nvidea geforce 9800GT 2gb graphics cards with phys x support. Comes with Windows 7 Professional 64Bit and 17.1" Widescreen Vibrant Display with webcam built-in
  • Very powerful Intel core 2 duo 2.5ghz dual core performance processor and powerful Nvidea GeForce 7950 gtx 512mb graphics card suitable for CADCAM/photoshop/video editing, etc
  • Cost £3500 new, yours for just £699.99 TODAY ONLY, comes with Microsoft OFFICE 2007 Professional
  • Item weighs 5kgs. as its a full desktop replacement. Item has 4Gb RAM, 320gb high speed hard-drive, High speed WIFI, LAN and Bluetooth built in.

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